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We, along with our sub-contractors, are a dedicated team ensuring that the quality meets the requirements specified.

Lwazi Projects will mobilize management skills and resources in the most efficient, cost-effective manner to produce the highest standard and quality of work.

Legal requirements will be met and documented. Health, Safety & Quality control measures will be effectively applied at all times.

       Concrete structures

- Bridges

- Retaining walls

- Causeways

- Reservoirs

- Structural Repairs

 Road Works

- Rural roads

- Urban roads

- Township roads

- Parking areas

Pipe Works

 Steel Works

- Water reticulations

- Storm water

- Subsoil drainage

- Sewer reticulations

- Security gates

- Security fencing

- Water towers

- Special fabrication

- Minor Structures

 Earth Works

- Mass Landscaping

- Industrial land

- Landfill

 Civil Construction Works   

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